Interview with Marianna Shakhova 

Marianna Shakhova

Marianna Shakhova is a soul Painter. Her art-pieces are amazing, touching and full of emotional meanings. Marianna found in her busy schedule time to answer to my questions and told about her Art.

How did you start your creative path? 

It started when I was a child. I remember that I drew on dolls, walls and on every surface I could possibly draw. I loved drawing and dancing as well. But nobody took it serious. Maybe that’s why I applied to a medical institute instead. And even there I was spending my nights drawing the world under the microscope.

After that I dedicated 7 years for silk painting. Although I was a doctor and the silk was my hobby only, I made a lot of paintings.

One day I came back to St. Petersburg and my passion in form of brushes and oil found myself. My new passion consumed me and it continues to so far.

Tell about your style. What or who inspires you?

I would say that my favorite technic is everything with strong emotions, from soul, expression and of course, I adore colors!!!

At the moment a new wave absorbed myself, new experiments and I’m pretty sure that I will find out more tomorrow.

To be honest, I can’t copy and reiterate my art-works and I don’t want it. 

Every time when I see the tubes with oil the ideas are coming to me immediately.

I should say that for me an inspiration is everywhere around me. The nature, the mountains, the people, the moon and the sun, creativity of other artists. This inspires me!

What are the feelings behind your art-works?

Believe or not, but sometimes I can’t sleep because my emotions and necessity to creat. And of course I feel inspired when I see that people likes my works. 

Nowadays I found my inner huge insparation through my work-shops. I love the moment of preparation and every lesson I discovery the new horizons inside of myself. 

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