Interview with Talented Irish Writers


Human population count is skyrocketing. Together with this, the number of people, who chose their life path to be “somewhere there in the skies” is geometrically proportional to that – especially in the wealthy countries, where more and more people are choosing very creative jobs and lifestyles. But how can one survive and succeed in these “seventh heaven” of writers, song composers, artists? Sky is not the limit, but the sky itself is quite limited and getting more and more crowded…

Our heroes today are three young female writers, who chose a very marvellous strategy on getting famous and bringing their written word into the world. Meet Cathy, Kate and Máire who decided to create a special site to support each other and for being supported by their readers in order not to lose motivation in this challenging world. With this site they are able to share the news on their success, give links to interesting info on the craft of writing. By obtaining readers feebdack they follow the path of improvement and obtain valuable thoughts. Oftern, they are gathering at a cup of tea to discuss their works and healp each other.

When and how you met?

The three of us met at a book club around six years ago. It’s one of those book clubs where we talk about the book for about ten minutes then just have fun. I was writing at the time and kept up with it until I had a rough draft. When I finished there were a handful of girls interested in starting a writing group. The writing group started out in 2013 with five of us involved, and eventually we were down to three: Cathy, Maire and me. We had each written in different genres.

How did this idea came to your mind?

In the summer of 2015, Cathy had the idea to do a podcast. Maire and I agreed as long as Cathy set everything up. We’ve been doing the podcast for less than a year now and learning a lot through the process.

Do you each specialise in a particular style?

Cathy started out writing crime fiction, which turned out to be more rom-com with a crime happening in the background. She’s wanting to write some short stories as well. Maire started out writing an action screenplay, which turned out to be an action comedy screenplay. She’s currently working on a fantasy fiction story. I write fantasy fiction and science fiction. That’s stayed the same for me. ☺

How does your usual day look like?

We all have regular jobs so we fit our writing in where we can. Cathy is a mom as well so she has the most time restraints. I had to make writing a discipline. At first I took one week in August when I had holiday/vacation and I made myself write every day for 5 hours. I was really slow and the writing was terrible, but at least after the week I had built up a routine. I had to push through the parts that were difficult and keep writing. It got easier to write on demand as soon as I sat at the computer. When my holiday was up and I was back to work, I made a goal to write for an hour and a half at some point during the day. Sometimes I would do part of it in the morning and the rest in the evening. Later I made a goal to write 1000 words a day. That takes me 1 ½ to 2 hours. I got to it most days. I finished two novels in three years that way. The editing and rewriting process is about the same.

When I heard of you, I though “well, these are Bronte sisters of today”. What are your relations in every day life?

Hehe. I’m trying to think which Bronte sister I’d be. ☺ We’re three friends around the same age. We’re very different from each other but we get on well.

Are there already any signs of success, any proposals from publishing houses?

None of us have published anything so far. Much of it up until now has been in the first draft and editing stages. We’ve put our work ‘out there’ this year. Cathy hired a professional editor to look at her book and give feedback. Maire entered a screen writing competition and got some very useful feedback. I’ve sent my first few chapters to a writers’ competition and it’s made it into the second round of consideration (along with 599 other stories being considered). I’ve received no feedback other than from Cathy and Maire. One of the best practices of the writers group is that we had each other to give feedback on our work.

Is writing all you do for living, maybe you have some other creative hobbies?

We all have day jobs so we find time in between to write. Cathy does cross-stitch. Both Maire and Cathy do role-playing games. Maire and I love cinema. I enjoy dance and design (mostly architectural hobbies).


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