Eugenia Ermilova, a designer and creator of breakfast tables


Eugenia Ermilova

A breakfast in the bed … It’s hard to invent anything more romantic than that on a Saturday morning.

For sure one would not imagine such a breakfast without a decent breakfast table! Therefore, a couple of month ago I definitely made my mind to purchase this gastronomical item. However, all what I could find in a shop I could describe as “plain”, while I wanted such one, that I could proudly name “elegant”. Throughout my long search process I have made acquaintance with Eugenia Ermilova, a designer and creator of breakfast tables.

Eugenia has started to make these tables seven years ago, and now this activity has turned into a real passion. Having looked at Eugenias works one would usesuch words as “slender”, “stylish”… or even French “charmant!”


GALLERISTA (G): Eugenia, could you, please, tell us, how it all started and why you decided to make the tables themselves?

EGUENIA (E): Whatever pompous it may soundbut everything started with love...

I was looking for a Valentine’s day present for my husband and merely by a chance I found the single one breakfast table – very plain, made in China. It was nota surprise that there were several candidates for this “marvel” in the shop – “fighting” for this table I even had a raw with one of other buyers. But I thinkyouguess who was the winner then!

Right from the moment the table appeared in our home, me and my husband started to bring breakfast into the bed every day. But thenas the saying goes “ifit werent for bad luck have no luck at all» – I mean, I had some problems at work. SoI started to think “what else I can do for a living”. Then a thought came to my mind “if there are no even plain breakfast tables around, then why can’t I make them. And if I manage to make them not only plainbut beautiful…. “

I found some people, who made me my first ten tables and I made decoupage paintings. Then my husband developed a web-site for me and sent out commercial proposals to several shops. Even without extraordinary financial success I was very inspired – the next year I was not questioning myself “what shall I buy my friends as a gift” as I had already ten amazing gifts!


After one year we had our first considerable order – 100 items at once

So, it was the real start… Seven years ago. At the beginning we used to make quite inexpensive tables for wholesale purchasersbut my soul was longing formore sophisticated design. Nowadays we completely refused from wholesale and make only retail, elite tables with my design, or customized ones. 

G: Your tables are rising some Parisian Romantique associations with me. What do you associate your works with?

E: Well, breakfast tables are quite romantic on default since they are intended for a meal in bed, most probably – with a beloved person.

Today shabbyChick and Provence styles are very popular. Both are very close to my heart and many of my works are made with this style used. I like someshabbinesstouch of age. It’s as if someone was holding the thing in hands, liked the way it felt, it looked… A breakfast table is associated for me with a warm bed, when you can be a bit lazy, when you breath coffee smell in, allow yourself a piece of cake… well, all those things we are basically deprived of, when we start to have kids!

G: Which technique do you use (or is it a combination of them)?

E: Most often I combine techniques. My favourite one is volumetric drawing. This is an outline painting with decorative pargetting. I also employ decoupage and stenciling.

G: What do you like most of your job?

E: Independence! I don’t have to get up in the morning to hurry up to a workplace! On the other hand this workplace I never leave – it is always with me.

One more thing is this amazing feeling when you see, that people like the thing you made..


G: Whom of product-designer you find the most appealing?

E: I follow some in Instagram, but I am not sure if I shall mention them (won’t it be considered as a hidden advertisement!)

G: Ok, what kind of works shall we wait for in future?

E: I am now busy with wall-clocks and started to make works with sculptural painting technique. This direction has stemmed from my tables experience and experiments with decorative pargetting. Gradually volumetric drawing got more and more volumetric and the surface of the table could no longer keep it. A table is a table – one needs to place utensils on it! But I wanted something moreAmong the artists of this direction I would name Justin Gaffrey, who inspired me a lot.

I could never succeed in staying busy with one thing. I always search for new materials, techniques, knowledge and their combinations. I need to createsomething that never existed before!

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