Alina Neag, a Romanian founder and Creative Art Director of OneGiraphe

Alina Neag
People that are regularly working on their dreams and become successful… Would you like to have a look at a work day of such a person? If yes, then read the following article on the busy life of Alina Neag, a Romanian founder and Creative Art Director of OneGiraphe.

Born and raised in Timisoara, she brought her childhood dream to life by opening a design studio and is now very happy to have turned her passion into a profession. Until today Alina had more than 200 clients around the world – among them some had appearances in Vogue, Victoria’s Secret, Elle, Audi Commercial, Tommy Hilfiger, Discovery.

“I am an early bird so my days usually start around 7 am. I must say that most of my work is done from home. So, as I said I wake up everyday at 7, sometimes without my alarm. It’s amazing how the biological clock works, right? First thing I do after I get up is go to the kitchen and prepare some warm water with lemon, a tea and that oh so needed cup of coffee. I always have too many cups around me and I need to be careful that my furry friend, Kitty, won’t spill everything as she is always around me during my days.

After this I do some stretching and yoga poses for about 10 minutes. When I’m done with my exercises I like to hop in the shower for a quick one which helps me start the day!

When I finish the shower it’s about 7.30 and it’s the time I drink my coffee. I turn on the computer, check the agenda and I start reading the emails and I organize them.

I usually end this somewhere around 8 am and I start working on new orders, I do the brainstorming and research for my new tasks, I sketch new projects ideas until 12 pm.

Alina takes us inside her creative process
At 12 pm it’s time for my lunch break! I either cook something or I go out to eat. After this I like to read a book or I do a bit of meditation. Some days, when I have more time, I enjoy a second cup of coffee in a nice café around town while preparing new projects. Sometimes I have meetings during lunch which won’t allow me to relax, but usually that is my free time.

After I finish my break around 2pm I start verifying other projects on which I am working beside my actual job, like the Facebook pages of “My Petite Giraphe” and of my blog “La Dolce Vita – Lifestyle”, and the stats of the blog itself! When done with this, I start preparing posts in advance and I write down new ideas for the blog or I go out to shoot some photos for the upcoming posts.

This usually happens until 6pm when I end my working day. I like to spend my evening with my friends, reading or doing yoga or even organizing and checking my planner for the next day. I guess I am a true workaholic… I think I am even dreaming about my job!  From time to time I like attending different meetings and events in my field of interest: design & art. If I have energy, after 9pm I like going to a pub to listen to jazz music and enjoy a glass of wine or I like going to the cinema or to one of my friends and enjoy a good movie!

Not everyday is the same as my schedule depends on whether I am working from home or I am travelling.

Here are my tips in order to achieve your goals:

Having the day organized and sticking to the plan is the best thing. I try staying offline during my working hours, so I turn off all my social media so I won’t get distracted.

Take tasks one by one and do not panic if something doesn’t go like planned.

Do not overwork! There were times in the past when I worked 16 hours/day because I had lots of ideas. I learned that it is better to work less then put your health in danger.

Creative Art Director of OneGiraphe
Quality over quantity… ALWAYS!

Do fun stuff! Relax and maintain your creativity! Creatives/designers need a great ambient. From my experience, I can’t work if I am stressed. To relax I listen to good music (chillout music or my favourite songs are my go to), go out for a walk or meet a friend. Do anything that will distract you from work for at least half hour.

My motto: Go big, or go home!

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