A fashion designer and a painter Natasha Södergren

Natasha Södergren


What do we know about Sweden? IKEA, Stockholm, Almond cake.
And if I ask myself about Sweden design and art?
Minimalism, white color and again – IKEA.

Despite the fact that Sweden is famous for its ascetic, minimalistic style, in Stockholm one can find a fashion-designer and artist, Natasha Södergren, who creates colourful, tender and fully romantic works.
She was raised in an artistic family. Her parents are both painters. In her childhood Natasha was surrounded by artistic life, style and atmosphere.

Perhaps that is why she soon chose the path of dancer and did succeed at it. Natasha had big perspectives in this field, but as a teenager she had to stop professional dancing career due to a number of reasons.  This was a controversial decision for her, but also a great opportunity for her hidden painter’s talent. Natasha describes her wonderful art as good combination of Swedish mentality and Russian heart.

Natasha Södergren answers to three questions about her artistic nature.

Ballet shoes

GALLERISTA (G): Natasha, could you describe yourself in a few words.

NATASHA (N): The best ones would be – peculiar, creative and spontaneous.

G: How did your transformation road from a successful dancer to a romantic painter look like?

N: To be honest, I was always self-expressive. I wear really colorful and unique clothes, which I sew for myself. And people could not help paying attention to me. Definitely, my look was unusual. And I liked be different and I didn’t care what anyone thought about me.

I should mention that I studied drawing, but I really love dancing.

From dancing I moved to modeling. Cat walks for designer Bea Szenfeld and others. I also studied environmental design, and worked at a museum with children.

Meanwhile I got my own ideas and sketches. And one day I decided to show my art to the people and made personal exhibition. I didn’t expect that many positive things happening to me then! Some people wanted to buy my works and I realized that my Art is interesting not only to me, friends or parents. That gives me more inspiration, creativity and ideas.

Seed of life

G: what projects do you do now?

N: I have social stuff to do. I’m working as a teacher in handcrafting for children. I think this is important to develop sense of beauty for future generations.


And I have my own projects coming on. I’m going to realize it when the project is ready.


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2 thoughts on “A fashion designer and a painter Natasha Södergren

  1. Thank you so much for the interesting story! I’m impressed by Natasha’s works. There is a soul in each painting. I’ll keep folowing gallerista!

    Liked by 1 person

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