A painter and a collagist Asya Erin

Asya Erin

I collect emotions, feelings and thoughts. It helps me to create my works. For me extremely important to have art works with sense.

– Asya Erin

Назойливая реклама.Бумага.Акрил.Смешанная техника.86х70.
Intrusive Ad 

For my first post I chose the story of Asya Erin, an artist…. Because we have common philosophy about Art, I found her sense of combining different technics in pictures and breath-taking colourful works awesome.

Asya answered to 5 of my questions during a blitz-interview.

GALLERISTA (G): My first question is about the study you got in Art

ASYA (A): I graduated from the academy of Art in Baku. After that I was developing my style, improving and making pictures for personal exhibitions.

At the moment I’m busy with my new Art projects. I feel like I really need higher education as a new impulse, which will bring me to a new level of my creativity.

G: Great, if touched your study path, then could you tell about artists who inspired you?

A: Of course! For sure, on the first place is Andy Warhol, then Paul Jackson Pollock, Ai Weiwei, Henri-Émile-Benoît Matisse

G: I’m so curious about your peculiar art-style. How would you describe it?

Japan,Япония,2013 100х80

А: I know you’ll ask me about! This is the most difficult question for me. When it comes to my style, I can definitely say that this is an associative Art. I try to collect my thoughts, emotions, all feelings about respective topics. And the key word here is “to collect”. Why is this “collection” the basis of my creativity? The answer is in my occupation! I’m a stained glass artist, I like to combine different pieces of technics, styles and interpretations, working with class or oil-paintings. For me it is very important to demonstrate feelings from all the sides.

G: And now “suggestions from expert” for young painters and beginners!

А: Wow, it’s too early for me to teach someone! I think everyone has to make his/her own path through Art and there are many wonderful ways for express yourself. Moreover we’re learning all our life.

The only thing, that I can suggest to an artist who only start his/her career is to feel life through, learn from others, look at the relationships and keep these learnings for paintings. This is raw materials for painters’ future.

G: Could you tell about your plans for future?

А: I would prioritise trying new technics in Art and self-fulfilment in artistic installations. This would be a new line for me.

BlumenЦветок 2012,80х80
The flower

G: Asya, and now the last questions. Any advice about an art book you find especially good?

А: You know, I read a lot about life of famous painters and other things like this, but now I can remember only one. Irving Stone’s “Lust for life”– this is the book about Van Gogh’s life and art. You will learn how tremendously deep he was determined in his Art.



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